The BBP Client Experience

Your Time Is Valuable!

At BBP, we know how valuable your time is. Don't have time to drop off your car? No problem, we are fully insured and can come pick up your car, service it and have it cleaned and parked back in your garage. All without you having to lift a finger.

Fully Documented Services and Real Time Updates.

Never guess what is going on with your car. With live updates using shared albums, we take photos and videos every step of the way. Torque specs, bolt markings and every detail.

Fully documented and sent to you as it happens. Plus we can report to Carfax if desired.

Its all in the little details.

At BBP, we are car enthusiasts just like you. Which means that we care for your cars just as you do.

When your car is with us we take EVERY measure to make sure your car is delivered in even better condition than when we received it.

  • We always use fender covers. And if your car is dusty we will hand wash it prior to working on it to reduce micro-swirls.
  • We cover your interior, seats, steering wheel, shifter, and carpet for cleanliness.
  • Every car is placed on a battery tender when in our shop.
  • We vacuum and hand wash your car prior to delivery!
  • We always perform a complimentary pre and post service inspection so that you know everything about your car.

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