From oil changes, all the way to engine out services on Carrera GT's we have handled a diverse range of services!

We treat all services, minor or major with the same level of care and meticulousness while providing the documentation and live communication to back it up.

  • General Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and keeping those precious rides in tip-top shape for years to come.

    From creating a personalized schedule for your maintenance intervals based on how hard you drive and how often, to preventative maintenance such as changing timing chains, tensioners, water pumps, and more to make sure you are never left stranded.

    Or following your OEM maintenance schedule.

    We have you covered on every base, fully documented and reported to Carfax.

    Just a few things that we handle

    • Oil Changes
    • Brake pads and rotors
    • Brake fluid flushes
    • Filter changes
    • Bushings and Ball joints
    • Transmission Servies
    • and more!
  • Diagnostics and Repairs

    Check engine light on? Weird noises or shaking when driving or braking? Using the latest and greatest in diagnostics tools and our years of experience on the job, let us find the REAL source of the problem, then we'll fix the problem once and right. From oil or coolant leaks to electrical gremlins we'll have it handled and repaired! And as always fully documented and reported.

    We handle every aspect of your car such as

    • Engine
    • Transmissions and Transaxles
    • Steering and Suspension
    • Heating and Cooling
    • Driveline, Axles, driveshafts and Differentials.
    • And much more.
  • Performance Upgrades

    Wanting more out of your ride?

    From intake and exhaust upgrades to big power adders like turbo kits and superchargers, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience on all of this.... after all its in the name! Ready to make some power? Contact us today!

    Some Performance Upgrades that we handle-

    • Intakes and intake manifolds
    • Valve train and cams
    • Exhaust manifolds and full exhaust systems
    • Turbo and Supercharging
    • Upgraded Turbos
    • Supercharger Pulleys

    With all that power, you need to handle and stop as well!

    • We install upgraded suspension bits such as coil overs, adjustable arms.
    • Big Brake kits

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